Who are we??


We are a bunch of keen 4WD'ers who wanted an alternative 4WD forum for all kinds of enthusiasts, and all kinds of people. We are easy going, and probably a little more relaxed than some of the other forums, but not open slather either. There are limits. We hope that our forum is helpful, and informative and if you should have any problems, ideas or suggestions, then don't hesitate to contact one of the administrators of the forum. We are always keen to help and to listen to any ideas that will help the forum grow.




Email address

Jimbo - Jim webmaster@downunder4x4.net
Rat Patrol - Ron webmaster@downunder4x4.net
Taziiy - Darren taziiy65@downunder4x4.net
Ford Mav - Frank fordmav@downunder4x4.net
Nig - Nigel webmaster@downunder4x4.net



ST391GQ Madmac Boner59
TOY80ST Coecruiser High n Mighty
Casper Mick Hulksta
Siringo Mouse Patrol


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