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Postby Taziiy » Sun Oct 08, 2006 10:46 am

Want to help the forum? If people wish to make a donation to the forum, in any amount, we would greatly appreciate it. Funds will go to designing and getting stickers made for the forum, and helping with server fees which are currently paid for by me and a couple of admins and one of the moderators. In the future, with a sponsor should the forum keep growing, we will look at Tee shirts as well. Those that wish to help, will be recognised as a forum supporter and will carry $$$ sign under their name, no matter what size donation. If we raise enough money, stickers will be posted out free of charge (well except for postage ) I will personally pay for any shortfall in funds for stickers..... Want to help? PM Jimbo for bank details.

Bank details
Acc Name Wendy Ross
BSB 484-799
Acc no 201312766

Thanks for helping to make this the best new forum around at the moment!

great response so far!! thank you very much for those that have committed to donate :) One donation has come through, others are pending.... great work guys!!

ok guys.... what i'm going to do..... is only apply the supporter status once the money has come through..... makes it fairer to those who have transfered money and it is showing in the account. Those that said that they are going to or already have.... i'll change the status as soon as it arrives.... Thank you all again for your support.

Thank you very much to those that have donated. Very much appreciated, and you are acknowledged as a Forum Supporter 8)

P.S. Those that have donated and there title hasnt changed can PM myself (Taziiy) or Jimbo to have it fixed up
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