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Joining the DownUnder 4WD Club

Postby beaujest4 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:18 pm

We have our own 4wd club up and running now. If you would like to join, just fill in the form and forward it on.
For those who wish to join the 4wd club click on this link save and fill in the blanks send it in a email to

Constitution can be veiwed here ----> DownUnder4x4 4WD Club

Membership will be valid from july 1 to June 30th each year. There will be monthly meetings which will all be held on the 2nd Tuesday every month online in the forum's chat room (link in forum menu bar) at 8pm est.

Membership cards will be issued and we are tring to organise club discounts with some businesses and being a member will open up another section of the forum for club members.

Please include your User Name in the funds transfer. If you deposit cash, please PM mrs beaujest with time and date of deposit. Once your funds are received, you will have access to the Club Members area.

We now have a PayPal account paypal to
Cheers Al

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Postby beaujest4 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:19 pm

Benefits of Association Membership 2012-13
Association membership provides the following benefits to member clubs and their members:
1. Representation & Recognition
Recognition of 4WD NSW & ACT as the peak user group representing organised 4WD clubs to:
National, State and Industry Organisations
Representation to legislators against changes to regulations many of which are dealt with at state and national levels in conjunction with industry bodies and other concerned groups, without troubling members. These include:
 Vehicle modifications standards and processes (VSI50, VSB14, VSB09)
 Australian Design Rules (ADRs)
 Australian National Safety Organisations
 changes to UHF radios and EPIRBS
To achieve this the Association works with the following organisations:
 Four Wheel Drive Australia (4WD Australia) and each state 4WD Association
 Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) membership
 Australian 4WD Industry Council
 Australian Aftermarket Accessories Association (including ARB, ECB, TJM etc)
 NSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services
 Australian Qualifications Framework
 Australian Skills Quality Authority and many more
Land Managers and Owners
Representation to land managers to maintain access rights for you
 as far afield as the Canning Stock Route as evidenced by the permit system
 MOU with NPWS and Forests NSW and Lands NSW documenting our right to access
 National track classification scheme ( to guide the use and maintenance of tracks)
 membership of regional advisory committees of land management agencies
 consultation on Draft Plans of Management
 4WD Consultative Group comprising 4WD NSW & ACT and NSW Government bodies
o Environment, Climate Change & Water
o National Parks & Wildlife Service
o Forests NSW
o Land & Property Management Authority
 Traditional land owners
2. Insurance
2.a Club level
Incorporated clubs must have insurance to cover:
 Public Liability risk
 Special Event & Voluntary Workers insurance
 Executive officer indemnity
Non-member clubs are ineligible to receive the coverage offered under our arrangement with the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council Insurance Scheme. This insurance is specifically tailored to meet the needs of 4WD clubs and offered at a substantially discounted rate compared with other public liability type insurances available commercially. The per capita cost to member clubs for $20M is just $8.00 compared to $14 - $20 if not affiliated.
Cheers Al

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