Rodeo front suspension bushes

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Rodeo front suspension bushes

Postby nig » Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:15 pm

I put my Rodeo in for a wheel alignment today, and when I picked it up got a real shock

They has not done the wheel alignment because they reckoned that with the number of things in the front end that needed attention it was a waste of time & money doing it:eek: :eek:

The quote was somewhere in the range $2,000-$2,500:eek: :eek:

I dont quite have that laying around at the moment, so I went through the list to work out what I could do myself.

Draglink - yea I can do that

Idler arm - I think I can sort that as well

Top & bottom ball joints - OK I can handle them too

Upper & lower control arm bushes - here is where I get into the unknown, and the manual is not much help here as it shows you all sorts of wonderfull special tools for dragging the old ones out & forcing the new ones in.

If I can do it myself I can proably get away with about $500 or so for parts for the whole job, but if I have to get a specialist to do the control arms then I may as well get them to the rest of the job as they have to pull everything apart to get in there anyway.

So has anyone here done Rodeo control arm bushes before? and is it very difficult - ie can you do it with a hammer & drift or do you really need all these special pullers & suchlike?
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