Team DGR

One Tough Lux!


Name: David Burton-Bradley (Bee Bee)
DOB: 01 Oct 1980
Place of Residence: Brisbane
Height: 194cm

First 4wd: Toyota Hilux Utility purchased in 2001
Competition Debut: QROCK 2003 (3rd place modified)

Name: Greg Heick (1madengineer)
DOB: 23 June 1970
Place of Residence: Brisbane
Height: 184cm

First 4wd: Suzuki Sierra purchased 2000
Competition Debut:
XRCC Rd 0 2002

David and Greg first joined forces early in 2004. The boys had started talking about the upcoming XRCC Rd 1 (24&25 Jan 04) and how it would have been good to compete. It was quickly dismissed as the Hilux wasn’t prepared for this type of event. By lunch the following day, David had Greg on the phone – it was on! What proceeded was a frantic two weeks to get the vehicle ready for serious competition. New tires, roll cage, 4pt harnesses, window nets and a host of safety gear were acquired in the quest to be ready.

And ready it was – albeit with minutes to spare and very little sleep. After a solid first and second stages, the clutch blew and surrendered the team to the pits for the rest of the day. Come night time, it was out with the gearbox and transfer and in with a new clutch…. All done by torch light in the campsite. They were ready for another day!

After surviving Sunday’s courses, the team was awarded “Most Committed Drive” which gave them automatic entry into the next round. Just as well, as they were hooked!

From that competition on, what followed was an intensely busy schedule of competitions for the remainder of 2004. With 14 comps in 10 months and practice in between, the team laid a solid foundation for their 4wd motorsport career.

What set team DGR apart from most of the other competitors, is not only their enthusiasm to compete but the fact that the Hilux (competition vehicle) was a daily driven registered work Ute throughout 2004 and 2005 that drove to and from events – and only once never made it home (notice the photo on the front page!)

So that brings us to today where the team has taken the next step in their motorsport career to invest considerable time and expense in a purpose built rockcrawling buggy. Whilst the Hilux will be retained for trail rides, all terrain events and those requiring registration; the buggy will be at the cutting edge of vehicle design and hardware. Built to drive vertical ledges, massive off camber slopes and hard rolls, the buggy will take the boys to the next level.




With David (BeeBee) behind the wheel and Greg out front, the DGR team have an impressive history in Australian 4wd competition. With a tire choice of 35” BF Goodrich Krawlers, 35” Simex Extreme Treckers, 37” Super Swamper Boggers & 39” BF Goodrich Krawlers, David is able to cater his entry to best suit the event and terrain.

The tires are spun via shaved, plated and gusseted Hilux diff housings filled with a mixture of ARB Air Lockers and Longfield Chromolly axles and CVs. Air-Up CO2 controlled ARB Air Lockers not only give the option of being left in the open position for “unlocked” classes but also allow use of the DGR prototype brake assisted steering system. And with the strength of the Longfields, Dave’s not afraid to use the skinny pedal!

Suspension consists of a standard (all be it highly refined) EFS Suspension Hilux leaf spring pack in the front with a completely custom double triangulated 4 link rear suspension using standard Nissan Pathfinder coils. Both ends are controlled by a combination of Rancho and Procomp 14” travel shock absorbers. Not only does this suspension package give awesome suspension travel but provides a stable and predictable platform enabling BeeBee to tackle some of the meanest cross slopes seen in Australian competition. But just in case this suspension falls short of expectations at any stage, Dave can call upon the assistance of 12 inches of individually adjustable rear suspension giving either forced articulation or an increase in ride height to raise underbelly clearance. And if that wasn’t enough buttons to play with, there are also the winches that control each axle individually which can compress the suspension to make that impossible side slope possible.

The body of the DGR Hilux is the most original of any of the vehicle’s components and even then, the only panel that hasn’t been replaced is the bonnet! With custom trimming of the front guards and replacement of the Hilux doors with DGR’s own “Rock doors”, the term “original” is used loosely! The body is surrounded by an external roll cage that allows total abuse of the vehicle with little impact on the body. After countless clashes with trees, rocks and the odd rollover, the body is still straight – well sort of!

Up front, the Hilux is powered by a late model Toyota 3RZ FE 2.7L EFI motor supplied by Queensland Cruisers. With 150 hp and 240 Nm combined with the gearing advantage of BBM Rockhopper extra low range transfer case gears, the DGR Hilux is never short on power.

In order to meet basic vehicle entry requirements, the Hilux is fitted with a Warn XD9000 electric winch running of 800 CCA Caterpillar batteries. Then there’s the Warn 6000 lbs portable electric winch which is powered by a yellow top Optima battery. But for the winch orientated events, there’s the removable, mid mounted hydraulic winch which makes most other winches look like toys!

The team is currently working on a prototype bolt-on “rear driveshaft disconnect” that will allow front wheel drive only giving the capability of “front burns/digs”. This will give the Hilux some much needed maneuverability through the rocks.

Look out for the DGR Hilux at the next comp!


Sorry folks but at this stage, the specs on the buggy are fairly secret.

The basics are:

Motor: 3.8L V6
Transmission: T700R4
Transfer: Altas 5.0:1
Front Axle: Toyota 60 series filled with an ARB Air Locker and bits of chromolly
Rear Axle: Nissan H260 with 37 spine axles and disc brakes
Wheels: DGR custom 17x9
Beadlocks: Internal
Tires: 39” BFG red label competition compound
Shocks: Race Runner supplied by OPW
Pneumatics: Air Up CO2 system
Seat: Kirkey Aluminum
Winch: Warn 6000LBs front and T-Max ATV rear

Note: This vehicle is still in the production phase and is likely to change at any time.



Jan – Xtreme Rock Crawling Challenge Round 1
Modified Truck, 7th overall. Awards “most committed drive”

April – QROCK 04 (Queensland Rockcrawling Championship)
1st Modified Truck

May - Xtreme Rock Crawling Challenge Round 2
1st Modified Truck, 1st Outright. Awards “Best spotter”

July - Aust Short Course Championship Round 2
6th place Overall – Modified class

July – Put UP or Shut UP (Australia’s hardest Rockcrawling event)
5th Outright. Day 2 points winner.

August - Xtreme Rock Crawling Challenge Round 3
1st Modified Truck, 4th Outright. Awards “Best spotter”

September - Aust Short Course Championship Round 3 LCMP.
1st Modified Truck – SS3, “THE GORGE”. 2nd Outright.

October - Logan Challenge @ Black Duck Valley 4WD Park QLD
win – SS2, Outerlimits Team.

November 4-7 – Mud, Bulls & Music @ Landcruiser Mountain Park. 4 x 4 Show - 1st “BEST EXTREME 4WD” , 1st “BEST 4WD – OVERALL”.

November 27-28 – Woodpecker Challenge NSW, Dargle Ski Park.
Team, 4th overall.

2004 Aust Short Course Championship – Series 4th overall (missed 1st round)

2004 Xtreme Rock Crawling Challenge - Series 1st Modified Truck, 2nd overall.

Jan – Battle Of The Codes - Rover Park Tenterfield

Feb – Xtreme Rock Crawling Challenge Round - Emu Creek
1st Modified Truck, 1st Overall. Awards “Best spotter”

March – W.E Rock Round 1 – Rover Park Tenterfield
3rd Overall, spotter for 1st

March –QRock - MANAR tourist park, Kingaroy.
1st Modified Truck, 1st Overall.

April – Tuff Truck Challenge – Sydney
5th place Overall. 2 stage wins.

May – Offroad Expo – LCMP Kilcoy
Show and Shine - 1st “BEST EXTREME 4WD”
Superior Allterrain challenge – 1st place Modified Truck

May – Xrcc Rd2 - LCMP Kilcoy
1st Modified Truck, 1st Overall. Awards “Best spotter”

June - Superior Allterrain challenge - LCMP Kilcoy
2nd Outlaw.

June – W.E Rock Round 2 – Bathurst NSW
7th outright, spotter for 1st place.

Sept – Tough Tracks Rd2 – Emu Creek NSW
1st track 1, 3rd track 3.

Oct - W.E Rock Round 3 – LCMP Kilcoy
Spotter for 1st place.

Nov - Superior Allterrain Challenge - LCMP Kilcoy
1st place Modified.

Nov - W.E Rock Finals – Millbrodale NSW
Spotter for 2nd place Australian


March – Tuff Truck Challenge - Millbrodale NSW
7th place

©2006 DownUnder4x4

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