DownUnder4x4 Club


The Club.......
After a lot of discussion and suggestions from forum
members, the founder of the Forum (Tony - The Vulcaniser)
decided to seek ideas on forming our own
nation wide 4WD Club...... a lot of people aren't members
of a club, others are members of a club that
doesn't really offer you a chance to compete in club
based events. So he decided it was time to do something
about it...... the club was born!!

What we are about!
The Club is about community! A great bunch of guys who
all enjoy the community feeling of the forum, with added
benefits. Being able to travel in club events, anywhere in
Australia , and be comfortable knowing that their trip will
be covered against 3rd party claims should the
unthinkable happen! The ability to enter competitions!
Discounts and other benefits for Club members! we are
currently slowly increasing the amount of supporters who
are offering members discounts on goods and services, this
will continue to grow! We are producing our own club
stickers. Once stickers are sorted out, we will be looking into
other member only merchandise, including key rings,
stubby holders and maybe even T shirts.

Where to next?
The club is affiliated with 4WD NSW & ACT Association,
Insurance has been organised,
we can continue to build the membership base of the
Club. Invite friends to look into the forum, ask them to
participate in one of the friendliest online communities
around! We here at DownUnder4x4 are always here to
help and listen… if you have something to say, then say it,
and we WILL listen !

For more Information on the Club, visit his LINK

Jim (President) - Jimbo

Our Club is proudly supported by

Coming soon!!