Boofy lux


I purchased the lux second hand in 2002. It was 98 SR5 2.7 5 speed with, power windows, cd player, canopy, towbar and only 40000k's. The wife said it needed steps for her to get in so not one to upset the boss, I sent it to ARB to have the steps and the 31 bfg's fitted on the first day.


After loading the tools in the back it developed a saggy rear end. So next on the list was a 2 inch lift and long travel shocks. I then installed extractors and a 2 1/4 inch exhaust system.

Next on the list was a bullbar, I liked the standard Toyota polished alloy one and the price was right. This gave me somewhere to mount the spotties I had in the shed, and the aerial for the gme TX3200 uhf I had purchased.


I had always wanted to ditch the canopy so I did. Our next trip was to Fraser Island so I had erps installed, and I fitted a factory sportsbar, torneau and a duel battery setup.

Next up was a front lokka and some lights for the rollbar. After this I had the safari snorkel and long ranger tank fitted.


Around this time I joined some internet forums, and started to be led astray. The result being I fitted a 2 inch bodylift and some 33" Good Year MTR's, on 15 X8 Mickey Thompson Classic II's. The lux was finally starting to look like I had always wanted it to.

After fitting the 33's the lux lost a lot of take off power, now I could have changed the ratios but that would have been no fun. So instead I sold the 2.7, at this time it is still in the process of having a Lexus V8 with aftermarket management and a R151 gearbox and transfer case fitted. Shortly after this is completed I will be replacing the leaf spring rear, with the coil rear out of a surf.
Of course after this the list continues but thats a whole new story.

2006 DownUnder4x4